Here at Boutinot we don’t sell anything we wouldn’t drink ourselves, and we’re immensely proud of all of our wines. That being said, it’s still nice to hear from other people just how much they like our wines, so here are some of our favourite reviews of our wines over the past few months…

Canned Wines

Our first release canned wines, Te Merio Sauvignon Blanc and Pablo Y Walter Malbec featured in BBC Good Food’s “11 Best Canned Wines 2019” list.

Te Merio: “The bold New Zealand flavours of peach and passion fruit really work out of the can. Also, that label is hard to resist”

Pablo Y Walter: “Not just good for a wine in a can, but one of the nicest Argentinian Malbecs I’ve had in a while. … Well done to everyone concerned!”



Sommelier Wine Awards

Les Volets Malbec, 2017: “Easy-drinking with creamy red berries,, plum fruit and a lift of violet”, “a superior house wine” and great value for money.

Il Cascinone Crocera Barbera d’Asti Superiore, 2016: “Great varietla definition with cherry and plum, and a nice floral lift.”

Brisa de Verano Garnacha Tinta, 2017: “Lots of soft…summer berries, refreshing acidity and a very soft, gentle finish”.





Gilbert & Gaillard

Uggiano “Ghibello” Chianti DOCG, 2018: “Homogeneous palate refreshed with well-judged acidity, charming supple and substantial body with juicy aromatics.”

Uggiano “Ghibello” Chianti Riserva DOCG, 2016: “Fresh, dense palate with beautiful juicy black cherry-like flavours. Oak influence does not obscure the fruit whilst ‘al dente’ tannins add length and personality.”

Uggiano “Ghibello” Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG, 2016: “More expansive on the palate, elegant rather than rich and permeated with great liveliness. Typical Tuscan charm at work.”






Andrew Jeffords

Alasia Langhe Nebbiolo, 2015 got a special mention in Andrew Jeffords’ weekly column in Decanter magazine:

“It was a lesson in the difference between tasting and drinking. The fruit style was dusty and soft-focus; I’d have marked it down in a tasting. When we drank, though, the tannins proved fleshy, slow-dropping and fine, the acidity was warm, round and ingratiating: delicious, despite the ‘blemish’. Brighter wines with more taster-appeal might have satisfied less.”