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Meet the Producer

Rude Mechanicals – like so many great nights, stories and mistakes – starts with wine.

After several combined decades working in the wine industry the Rude Mechanicals team were keen to scratch another itch and have a go at producing the other drinkable stuff they’d been sipping, but never had chance to make.

They might not have known how to brew great beer or distil exceptional spirits at first, but fortunately they knew people who did.

By taking a fastidious approach to choosing the perfect partner for each of their products – those with a shared admiration for the ‘well-made thing’ – Rude Mechanicals is able to bring together the precision of a winemaker’s palate and the world-class expertise of a master brewer or distiller to produce uniquely well-made drinks.

Every single Rude Mechanicals product is the result of hard work, scrupulous attention to detail, and the spirit of collaboration.

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