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Copper Canvas Scratch Gin NV


Copper Canvas is our Boutinot Spirits new flagship brand, designed to be recognizable, disruptive on shelves and high quality at a great value price point. Our labels explore the two sides of the Copper Canvas distiller, the first being the master distiller who is serious in his craft of creating classic spirits and the other being the distiller’s desire to unleash their creativity to create new masterpieces using his copper stills and unending experimentation.

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Original scratch spirit that forms the unique base for our gin. The intensity of the flavours and aromas come from the second distillation, where the hand-selected botanicals are distilled into the gin rather than using more conventional compounding methods. Only the hearts of both distillations are used in order to achieve a ludicrously smooth finish.

Tasting notes

Scratch spirit for smoothness and control, citrus botanicals for fresh and zesty flavour, and double-distilled for balance.

Food match

This gin is designed to be appropriate for every drinking occasion – sipped over ice, classily added to a tonic, or a cocktail makers secret-weapon.