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Copper Canvas Vodka NV


Copper Canvas is our Boutinot Spirits new flagship brand, designed to be recognizable, disruptive on shelves and high quality at a great value price point. Our labels explore the two sides of the Copper Canvas distiller, the first being the master distiller who is serious in his craft of creating classic spirits and the other being the distiller’s desire to unleash their creativity to create new masterpieces using his copper stills and unending experimentation.

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Made from East Anglian sugar beet, rather than grain or even potatoes: which gives a creamy mouthfeel and flavour notes of cream soda. this base spirit is then fermented and then distilled in a single shot using small copper alembic stills: with special reflux columns ensures the spirit is smooth and without harshness. Single distilled and unfiltered means none of the flavoursome goodness of the signature ingredient is stripped out.

Tasting notes

None of this triple distilled marketing nonsense – we’ve gone single shot for one of the smoothest vodka experiences available. This means a luxurious, smooth and creamy sip: with big notes of vanilla and cream soda.

Food match

Smooth and creamy enough to drink on it's own over ice or perfect in a Vodka or Espresso Martini.


Non Vintage

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