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Domaine de Vedilhan Sauvignon Blanc, Pays d’Oc 2021


Boutinot France

A richly flavoured yet very proper Sauvignon Blanc from a single Domaine in the south of France.

Meet the producer

Like all good stories, that of Boutinot France is both long and a little bit complicated! Boutinot began as a tiny importer...



Domaine de Vedilhan (pronounced 'Domaine de Ved-ee-ohn') is the estate of the Fayet family based in the village of Moussan, close to Narbonne. Uniquely, a brook runs around the estate which provides much needed water in this very hot climate, giving the wines their freshness and appeal. Vines are managed using the 'lutte raisonnée' method and terroir is a combination of limestone, sand and sea shale, meaning the vines dig deep for their nutrients and thus produce excellent quality grapes. 50% of the production from this Domaine is used for Boutinot wines. Since 1999, our winemakers have been working closely with the Fayets on all aspects of the production, from when to harvest to the exact blend or style of wines.

Tasting notes

A wonderfully sunny style of Sauvignon Blanc, broad and quite tropical with delicate smokey notes, ripe citrus acidity and a richly-textured finish.

Food match

A fuller-bodied Sauvignon which works well with a vegetable pilaf, a chicken tagine or a saffron-infused risotto Milanese.