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Domaine La Haute Marone ‘Le Torrent du Trignon’, Sablet Côtes du Rhône Villages 2018


Boutinot France

This wine has been christened 'Le Torrent du Trignon’ after the mountain stream bordering this pretty appellation which lies under the landmark peaks of the southern Rhône’s Dentelles de Montmirail.

Meet the producer

Like all good stories, that of Boutinot France is both long and a little bit complicated! Boutinot began as a tiny importer...



The trickling mountain stream called ‘Le Trignon’ (which is barely a torrent even in the spring) borders the Sablet appellation under the landmark peaks of the Dentelles de Montmirail in the southern Rhône Valley. Here, Alphonse Barqueros tends his vines - 80% Grenache Noir, 20% Syrah - with the loving care of one who knows every vine stock. After a very traditional fermentation, just under half of the wine is aged for 12 months in French oak barrels of between one and three years old to create this approachable, southern Rhône red.

Tasting notes

Brooding baked fruit and olive tapenade flavours, this is an approachable wine with savoury complexity. The oak ageing has produced a smooth, supple finish with notes of liquorice.

Food match

Juicy pink lamb, grilled red meat or succulent duck... and of course, a fantastic cheese platter.