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Limongino NV


An English answer to the Italian classic. Freshly zested lemons and their juice are paired with our superb small batch distilled gin, within minutes of preparation, combined with a lick of English sugar. Two and a half lemons go into every bottle: the result is a zesty, juicy, and truly delightful lemon liqueur.

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Unlike its Italian counterpart Limongino is a gin liqueur, not vodka based. Dr John uses a three-step process of infusing, distilling and sous vide (slow cooking) the spirit to capture all the zesty flavours of the lemons, before blending together with a sprinkle of sugar.

Tasting notes

Freshly zested lemon on the nose, intertwined with botanical aromas. On the palate: a vibrant symphony of fresh lemon juice zest and zing, with tart bitter lemon notes balanced perfectly with luscious velvety sweetness. This is less like traditional limoncello and more akin to the best cloudy lemonade you can remember.

Food match

Serve your Limongino cold from the fridge in a chilled glass, add a measure to your bubbly or mix with your tonic of choice over ice, and twist lemon peel.