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Paarl Heights Merlot, WO Paarl 2022


Boutinot South Africa

A moreish classic Merlot from the Paarl region.

Meet the producer

Boutinot South Africa is driven by our passion for discovery and desire to capture the real essence of South Africa in...



The red grapes produced and harvested for this Merlot are 30-40 years of age and grow on Malmesbury shale. This is a dense soil type with clay that has a good water retention ability so its very suitable for later ripening varieties. The soils drains very easily, as excess water has unlimited drainage opportunities between the 'bedding planes' or layers of shale. The vines are never in the situation where they can sit back and enjoy life as they are forced to push their roots down in search of water. The grapes are destemmed and crushed upon arrival in the cellar, and extra depth is drawn from fermenting the wine on the lies and after fermentation pumping the wine over twice a day for soft extraction of tannins. Elegance is kept by letting the fruit speak and using a modest amount of oak.

Tasting notes

Deep purple red colour with intense flavours of dark berries, spices and plums on the nose. This wine is well balanced with soft tannins and a smooth long finish.

Food match

Pasta, red meats or enjoy on its own.