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The Capeography Co. Cloudscape Sauvignon Blanc, W.O. Elgin 2020


Boutinot South Africa

Our Cloudscape wines come from specially selected vineyards on sunny hillsides, where cool climate grapes thrive under a protective blanket of cloud which forms each afternoon as the cool Atlantic wind hits warm air rising over the mountain.

Meet the producer

Boutinot South Africa is driven by our passion for discovery and desire to capture the real essence of South Africa in...



Cloudscape Sauvignon Blanc comes from vineyards in Elgin, traditionally an apple growing region. The famously bowl-shaped topography of this maritime valley encourages self-regulating cooler temperature control - as the ground heats up, the valley sucks in colder Atlantic air causing clouds to condense and form a protective cover from the sun. To beat the heat, Elgin Sauvignon Blanc is picked in the early morning hours and transported to the winery in chilled trucks. The grapes are placed in a chiller room before being gently crushed to maximise all that crunchy appeal. Finally, the wine is fermented and racked into steel before being gently filtered and bottled.

Tasting notes

Like all good Elgin Sauvignon Blanc’s, this is as aromatic as South African Sauv. Blanc gets. Aromas of kiwi fruit, lime, sliced apple and pineapple abound on a rich palate balanced with firm grassy notes with a hint of asparagus. Altogether this makes for a hugely pleasing Sauv. Blanc entirely true to its sense of place.

Food match

Freshly cut grass, hints of asparagus and sliced red apple flavours make this the perfect match for sea bass grilled on the braai.


2017 Vintage

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